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We would like to inform you here about our previous UI courses in Czech and Slovak Republic.

The summary of UI Czech and Slovak Republic students - download here.

Craniosacral therapy I. - 2013 (Prague)
23 students, 1 from Germany and 1 from Belgium.
The instructor: Hungarian instructor Orsolya Gabriel, PT, CST-D

ORSI2 - úprava

CST1 Class in Prague 2013 with Orsolya Gabriel - úprava

Craniosacral therapy II. - 2013 (Bratislava)
11 students.
The instructor: Austrian instructor Gabriela Weiss, PT, CST-D

CST2 Class in Bratislava 2013 with Gabriela Weiss - úprava

Craniosacral therapy II. - 2014 (Prague)
14 students, 1 from Hungary, Belgium and Canada.
The instructor: Alison Harvey (chiropractor) from Scotland.

Listening techniques 1. - 2014 (Prague)

22 students.
The instructor: American instructor Ron Mariotti, NP

LT1 Class in Prague 2014 with Ron Mariotti - úprava

Craniosacral therapy 1. - 2015 (Prague)
13 students, 1 from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The instructor: English instructor Caroline Barrow, CST-D

CST1 2015 CAROLINE1 - úprava

Craniosacral therapy 2. - 2015 (Prague)
8 students.
The instructor: Dutch instructor Hans Huikeshoven, CST-D

FOTO KST2 2 - úprava



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